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The Benefits of Working with an Executive Recruiter

There are many benefits to working with executive search firms. Executive recruiters tend either to be generalists or specialists in a particular industry or business. Some executive staffing firms also specialize in a specific area of the country or a particular urban area or city. Niche recruiters may work with professionals in a specialized industry or field such as health care or computer technology. Executive staffing firms provide a tremendous service to corporate managers by presenting a limited pool of highly-qualified candidates to them who are looking for a new position.

Executive recruiters work in the recruitment process exclusively. Their entire job revolves around their ability to identify potential candidates and match those candidates to high-level job openings in a variety of industries. Most executive recruiters have many years of experience and are competent in identifying great potential candidates in tandem with equally appealing and appropriate new positions in the corporate, technological, educational and medical worlds. Executive recruiters have the added advantage of working with candidates outside of the context of a formal interviewing process in order to coach them on their interviewing and negotiation skills.

One of the biggest benefits to working with a professional recruiter is his or her ability to really understand the job requirements at all the different levels. Some of the skills required may not just be hard sales skills or computer programing skills, but also the ability to work well with others and provide a strong management structure. A good recruiter will also understand the cultural background of the candidate and be able to match his or her background with the corporate culture that he or she is considering joining.

Candidates also benefit greatly from the confidentiality that a professional executive staffing firm is able to offer. In the back of their minds, many candidates may be interested in advancing their careers through exploring positions with more responsibility and a higher salary, but are afraid to look into them for fear that they will lose the positions they currently hold. A successful executive staffing firm can inquire about a potential position without jeopardizing a candidate's identity. An executive recruiter will often sit in on interviews with candidates and act as a third party negotiator between the candidate and the company. While the process may take several months, once the position is secured it is usually guaranteed for a year or more. The executive recruiter will be involved in all job offers and negotiations until the position is secured.

A smaller, niche recruitment firm will offer you the advantage of working with recruitment experts who understand your experience and your specialized skill set. Recruitment firms assist the candidate greatly by weeding out unsubstantial job opportunities. Just as a recruitment specialist will limit the field of potential candidates to only those who are most qualified and who are the best match to the organization, they also weed out job opportunities that don't really exist or are only temporary.

If the candidate wishes, executive search firms will branch outside of the country and start looking for a position for their client on the international level. Executive search firms benefit both the client and the candidate because they are involved in extensive networking, the initial presentation of the best candidates, interviewing skills and compensation negotiations. Good, professional executive search firms are worth their weight in gold. Before engaging such a firm, ask for references from other colleagues that have used the services of a great search firm. Remember to ask for references outside of your company, so that your job search remains confidential and you don't jeopardize the position you currently hold.

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